about imapkt

Hello, it's me, ImpaKt...


My name is Bruno Moutinho and I’m a main Overwatch Streamer since Day 1 of BETA and play HotS as well. I used to be a main League of Legends Content Creator but after around 2 years I decided it was time for something new.

I was a main Support (Thresh) player and I’ve been known as impaKt for around 15 years – since I started playing CS 1.5 competitively. I stopped playing to focus on my degree (New Communication Technologies) but since LoL Beta came out, I had to spend some time playing it.

I started playing competitively as well and having attended and participated in events like XL Party, Dreamhack, Insomnia, IeSF World Championship – I decided to share the knowledge I had acquired with people. For that purpose, I created a YouTube channel and eventually moved on to create different kinds of content on Twitch.

I strive to be as interactive with the chat as humanly possible so if you’re new to the stream, if you have any questions or just want to mess with me, feel free to use the chat at will and as always – I hope you enjoy your stay!