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Victory never comes easy, but the OMEN gaming family is ready for the challenge. Get the performance competition demands with innovative machines, professional-grade accessories, and cutting-edge designs. When performance means everything, settle for nothing less. Learn more about us at!


Founded in June 2011, Twitch is the world's leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture and the creative arts. Each day, close to 10 million visitors gather to watch and talk about video games and more than 2 million streamers. We invite you to join the millions of people who come to Twitch to stream, view, and interact around these shared passions together.


For The Win eSports Club is an electronic sports club registered as an association. On the videogame and electronic platforms market, FTW eSports is active since 2011, as a clan, and as an electronic sports club since 2012.
We play at a national and international level, having a long award history in both.
While having some of the best competitive athletes, we are known for supporting the younger ones, integrating them in the several game genres. We also provide educational guidelines in terms of personal and professional organization for our athletes. This way, our club supports in the best way - and with a tremendous effort - the development of national gaming in a progressive and healthy way.


We are proud of being a new century software and image studio which knowlegde ensures the best results for our costumers. Your image represents our image so we deal with it as it was our! We study the market and its targets in order to develop the best UX and UI. Our web based tech promises the perfect experience in every platform, from desktop to smartphones. Our website is